• Halloween Temporary Face Mask Sticker - CARNIVALEYES.COM
    • $12.00
      Create your own unique style with this Halloween Temporary Face Mask Sticker! It’s made from healthy and environmentally friendly plant inks and glue that are harmless to the skin. Intricate and delicate design combined with high-quality materials makes the masks fit for royalty at an affordable price. They are soft and bendable so they can be easily adjusted to your...
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    • Masquerade Carnival Masked Ball Fancy Dress For Anonymous - CARNIVALEYES.COM
    • $15.90
      This Masquerade Mask comes with fine manual workmanship and high quality with a beautiful pattern. The mask can be hand adjusted for a better fit and with the straps to keep in position. You will feel very comfortable even won't notice that you're wearing them. No flaking of paint, no messy excess glue residue, and no discoloration. Perfect choices for...
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    • Sexy Shiny Diamond Fishnet Stockings - CARNIVALEYES.COM
    • $15.00
      You'll get many comments by wearing these Sexy Shiny Diamond Fishnet Stockings. They are made of high-quality nylon, polyester, spandex and acrylic material, higher durability and better feel on the skin. A stretch-fit design ensures they snugly hug your feet and do not slip off. Cute and sexy fishnet style, giving your legs a skinny and unique appearance. Can be...
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    • Gold Silver Butterfly Temporary Tattoo Stickers - CARNIVALEYES.COM
    • $20.00
      High quality and intricate designs. Nice metallic shine and these metallic temporary fake tattoos will stay on for several days. SAFE - You can place these shimmer flash tattoos anywhere on your body, like wearing it on your arm, leg, back, shoulder, face or even your hair. Easily removable with baby oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. Just apply oil to...
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